LovDock Bonus Point Program

What is the LovDock bonus point program?

To thank you all for your support and to offer future incentives to you we want to give something back, this is why we have launched this great Reward Point Program.

Our Reward Point Program is as simple as it sounds. While shopping on-line at twyihu.com you will earn Shopping Points for the money you spend. Once earned, you'll be able to use those points to pay for future purchases at LovDock.com.

How does the Program work?

Reward points will be directly added to your account as soon as you complete certain actions in the LovDock Store. Currently, reward points can be earned by the following actions:

Approach NO.1

New to register and verify your email address, you can get 100 points.

Approach NO.2

Sharing LovDock products on social platforms to gain points!

  1. Share your favourite LovDock products on social platforms. 
    (facebook / twitter/ lookbook/pinterest/polyvore, forums & any others).
     For facebook/twitter/lookbook/ppinterest/polyvore/wanelo required 200 friends or followers at least.
  2. Sign into your LovDock account. 
  3. Click "Bonus Point Program" to add the links you shared.(please don't add invalid links) 
  4. Once being approved, you'll get reward points.
Approach NO.3

Reviewing our products and earn LovDock Points!
Log in twyihu.com, sign into your LovDock account.

  1. Enter the product detail page on our online store, make some reviews about this item(The review column is in the below of every product page). 
  2. After approval, each review of our products could get 10 Points. Upload pictures. After approval, you can get 20 points.
  3. Submit review successfully and share our comments through facebook、pinterest & any others. After approval, you can get extra 5 points. Be honest: We welcome all your honest opinion about the products. We hope all your opinions can help our customers’ buying decisions and improve us.
Approach NO.4

Making purchases to get the Reward Points!
Every time you make a purchase, you will earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your “My Points” account. Currently, for every $1.00 spent at twyihu.com, you'll earn 1.00 point. Each point is worth $0.01 off a future purchase.
For example:
Product Cost:  $100.00
Value of Points Earned:  $1.00  

How can I redeem my Reward Points?

If you have a balance in your Shopping Points Account, you can use those points to pay for purchases made at twyihu.com. You can redeem those points at shopping cart page or checkout page.  

Where can I check my point status?

Login your account and click "My Points" to check your points and status.
P.S. Each point is equivalent to 1 cents, you can redeem it next time you purchase on twyihu.com

Is there any Products Restrictions?

Currently, no restrictions apply to what items may be purchased using your points balance.

How long time will the pending points became valid?

For approach 1 and 2: The reward points will be immediately valid once the review or sharing link is approved.

For approach 3: After an order is placed, the points are added to your Shopping Points account as pending points. All pending points are listed in your Side Cart and will stay there until 30 days after delivery. After 30 days after package delivery, these pending points will be released and your account will be credited with the value of those points. Ready for you to spend on whatever you want. Reward points do not expire and can be accumulated until you decide to use them. You must login to your account in order to view the status of your points. During the checkout process you'll be able to pay for your order with your points balance.

Is there any valid period for the reward points?

Yes. They are usually valid for 1 year.

Will I earn points for shipping fees?

No. When calculating the amount of points earned, shipping fees are excluded.

Will I earn points for discounted products?

Yes. When calculating the amount of points earned. All items which their price have been discounted are included, points will be awarded to the discount price value.

Will I earn points when purchases paid with points?


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